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Addgene-Seeding Labs plasmid grant round 3: microbial drug resistance and biofilms, antidiabetic plant components, visualizing brain injury - and a glowing robot fish

Posted by Various Addgenies on Nov 27, 2018 9:00:06 AM

By Susanna Bachle and Ina Ersing

Seeding Labs and Addgene collaborate to provide scientific resources, equipment, and plasmids to researchers in resource-limited settings. More specifically, the Addgene-Seeding Labs plasmid grant provide plasmids to these researchers. In the third round of the Addgene-Seeding Labs plasmid grant we are excited to introduce the 5 awardees and their research. These researchers span four continents and research diverse topics including microbiology, brain injury, drug discovery, and synthetic biology. Read on to learn more about the five awardees and their promising research projects.

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