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What's New in CRISPR - September 2019

Posted by Jennifer Tsang on Sep 10, 2019 8:56:17 AM

In this quarterly blog series, we’ll highlight a few of the new CRISPR plasmids available at Addgene. We will still periodically focus on specific CRISPR plasmid tools more in-depth, but we hope that this blog series will help you find new CRISPR tools for your research!

This time:

  • GeneWeld vectors to create knock-ins
  • CasX
  • Drug inducible CRISPR/Cas9 activation
  • Ecoli genome-wide inhibition library
  • CRISPR knockout libraries for cancer research
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Topics: CRISPR, Other CRISPR Tools

The Golden Stopwatch Award: Recognizing Facilitators of Research

Posted by Randall Carter on Sep 5, 2019 9:06:00 AM

Picture this: you’re a busy scientist anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newest plasmid you requested from Addgene...the plasmid that will help you run that last additional experiment requested by Reviewer #3. But why isn’t the plasmid here yet? A quick look at your order status on identifies the hold-up. Your Material Transfer Agreement is stuck in “pending.” Fear not, there are many ways we’re trying to make MTA turnaround faster with technology transfer offices (TTOs). The latest of these efforts is the Golden Stopwatch Award to celebrate exemplary TTOs.

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Hot Plasmids - September 2019 - CRISPR, Auxin Inducible Degradation, MerMAID Channelrhodopsins, and Genome Looping

Posted by Various Addgenies on Sep 3, 2019 9:15:19 AM

Every few months we highlight a subset of the new plasmids in the repository through our hot plasmids articles. These articles provide brief summaries of recent plasmid deposits and we hope they'll make it easier for you to find and use the plasmids you need. If you'd ever like to write about a recent plasmid deposit please sign up here



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Topics: Other Plasmid Tools, Plasmids

The Scientific Conference Poster Session: Tips for Success

Posted by Guest Blogger on Aug 29, 2019 8:50:04 AM

This post was contributed by Brittany L. Uhlorn, a PhD Candidate at the University of Arizona.

Perhaps you’re about to present your first scientific poster, but unsure how best to prepare. Maybe you’re a presentation veteran, but have difficulty answering questions. Or perhaps you’re simply attending, but uncertain how to capitalize on your experience. No matter the reason for attending, your preparation and day-of game plan will ensure you have the most beneficial scientific conference experience possible.

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Topics: Science Careers, Conferences

Bringing Renewable Energy to Addgene

Posted by Patrick Stoney on Aug 27, 2019 9:08:16 AM

With a collection of over 70,000 plasmids, kits, and viral service items we employ dozens of pieces of energy-intensive lab equipment on a daily basis. By the beginning of September all will be powered by 100% renewable electricity!

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Topics: Inside Addgene, Addgene News

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