All in a Twist: dsRNA

By Susanna Stroik

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3-step diagram showing (top) Step 1 - image of cells producing antibodies and next to it, Myc1-9E10 monoclonal antibody. (middle) Mcy1-E10 immnogen sequence (protein) AEEQKLISEEDLLRKRREQLKHKLEQLRNSCA. (Bottom) Three proteins of various shapes, each with a Myc tag (represented by a gift tag) attached to them by a wire.
a bacteria drawn by footprints in the snow on a building's deck with tables and chairs.
On the left is a pMD2.G plasmid, 5822 bp, depicted as a circle with a CMV enhancer marked and arrows showing different plasmid components. On the right is a plasmid, pMD2.G Dimer, 11,644 bp, depicted as a circle with two CMV enhancers, and doubled plasmid components compared to the first image, represented by arrows.
flow chart showing application process - decision to apply leading to

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