New Viral Vectors - March 2024

By Rachel Leeson

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Cartoon schematic: a barcoded transfer plasmid and packaging plasmids are put in barcoded LentiX-293T cells. From this, an arrow points to virus particles with a barcode; an arrow from the barcode points to
Cartoon depicting (a)
A cartoon showing a non-enveloped virus with capsid and genome labeled (left) and an enveloped virus with capsid, genome, and envelop labeled (left.)
Calcium Sensors copy-01
Flow charts show steps for selecting serotype and promoter on top, and steps for testing serotype, titer, and promoter in the middle. On the bottom are three unconnected steps listing how to test serotype, titers, and promoters
AAV viral particle diagram
schematic showing retrograde and anterograde movement along neuronal axis

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