Antibodies 101: Flow Cytometry Controls

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emission spectrum of fluorophore colors.
A flow plot
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a flow plot divided by a quadrant.
Graphic showing the three states of an integrin: Bent closed, with two proteins bent together and binding sites inaccessible; extended closed with two proteins sticking out of the extracellular matrix and one protein making an S-curve into another one, partially blocking the binding sites; and Extended-open, with both proteins sticking out of the extracellular matrix, with the protein that was bent in an s-curve now in a c-curve away from the other protein, leaving binding sites fully open.
Antibody with five example conjugation sites indicated. Each site represents a different conjugation strategy, 1) lysine 2) cysteine 3) carbohydrate 4) sequence modifications 5) protein-protein interactions.

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