Plasmids 101: Broad Host Range Plasmids

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Schematic showing the three assembly levels of MoClo. Level 1 has 7 individual parts on a plasmid; Level 1 has seven parts all together on on plasmid; Level 2+ has three sets of five parts each on a plasmid, with two additional parts on the plasmid but separated from the sets.
Table outlining the features described in-text of each antibiotic
Cover page of the plasmids 101 eBook
Graphic showing the workflow for high complexity Golden Gate Assembly, starting with destination vector and PCR amplification of fragments, which combined in a single-tube reaction with enzyme and DNA ligase to produce the assembled DNA product.
Examples of gene, enhancer, and promoter traps at a genomic locus.
On the left is a pMD2.G plasmid, 5822 bp, depicted as a circle with a CMV enhancer marked and arrows showing different plasmid components. On the right is a plasmid, pMD2.G Dimer, 11,644 bp, depicted as a circle with two CMV enhancers, and doubled plasmid components compared to the first image, represented by arrows.

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