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Our Most Popular Blog Posts from 2019

Posted by Jennifer Tsang on Dec 31, 2019 9:26:00 AM

Farewell 2019, and hello 2020! As we're gearing up to start a new decade, we’re also looking back at the last year of scientific discovery. We’ve documented many new tools on the Addgene blog and have created and updated guides on various topics in biology over the past year: CRISPR, optogenetics, chemogenetics, plasmids, fluorescent proteins, careers, and more. These resources can now be found in one place: the Educational Resources page.

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Topics: Inside Addgene, Addgene News

New and Upcoming Viral Vectors - December 2019

Posted by Maya Peters Kostman on Dec 19, 2019 9:40:37 AM

Since the beginning of our viral service in 2016, we’ve added many new tools to our inventory of ready-to-use viral vectors. Here are some of the AAV we have released in the last few months. You can also browse our entire AAV inventory.

Our new AAVs include:

  • Optogenetics AAV
  • Control AAV
  • Biosensor AAV
  • And more!
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Topics: Viral Vectors, Addgene’s Viral Service

What's New in CRISPR - December 2019

Posted by Jennifer Tsang on Dec 17, 2019 9:37:19 AM

In this quarterly blog series, we’ll highlight a few of the new CRISPR plasmids available at Addgene. We will still periodically focus on specific CRISPR plasmid tools more in-depth (such as these recent blog posts on prime editing, IgnaviCas9, and Nanoblades), but we hope that this blog series will help you find more new CRISPR tools for your research!

This time:

  • CRISPRi in Burkholderia
  • Base editors
  • CRISPR toolkit for epitope tagging
  • Lentiviral capsid-based Cas9/gRNA ribonucleoprotein delivery
  • Cytosine deaminase for RNA editing
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Topics: CRISPR, Other CRISPR Tools

Behind the scenes: Addgene’s new search engine and more

Posted by Daniela Bourges on Dec 12, 2019 9:22:00 AM

80,000+ reagents and 700+ educational resources — including blog posts, protocols, guides, and collections — is a lot of material to sift through. Fortunately, we’ve just made it easier for you to find what you need quickly. 

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Topics: Addgene News, Using Addgene's Website

Hot Plasmids - December 2019 - CRISPR pooled library, LipoGlo, CRISPRa, and Voltage Imaging Tools

Posted by Various Addgenies on Dec 10, 2019 8:58:00 AM

Every few months we highlight a subset of the new plasmids in the repository through our hot plasmids articles. These articles provide brief summaries of recent plasmid deposits and we hope they'll make it easier for you to find and use the plasmids you need. If you'd ever like to write about a recent plasmid deposit please sign up here



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Topics: Other Plasmid Tools, Plasmids

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