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Synthetic promoter AAVs for cell-type specific expression in retinal cells

Posted by Beth Kenkel on Mar 12, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a popular tool for gene delivery, but it has a drawback: how do you ensure your gene goes where you want it to? Knowing that a gene is expressed in a particular cell type is important not only for translational research, such as gene therapy, but also basic research. To improve cell-type specificity of AAV, work has focused on modifying the outside protein shell, or capsid, of the virus so that it only enters and delivers it cargo to certain cell types. 

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Topics: Viral Vectors, Cell Tracing, AAV

Celebrate Open Data Day with Addgene’s AAV Data Hub!

Posted by Angela Abitua on Mar 5, 2020 9:15:00 AM

We’re big fans of all forms of research sharing and with Open Data Day 2020 coming up on March 7th, what better way to celebrate open data sharing than with Addgene’s AAV Data Hub! We launched this pilot in 2019 as an open science platform for scientists using Addgene AAV viral preps to easily find and share useful technical data. These data focus on experimental design and usage of these tools, which aren’t always easy to find in publications, so this is a much-needed community resource. Instead of painstakingly searching for experimental details in research articles, scientists can use the AAV Data Hub to quickly find details they need for planning their next experiments using a specific AAV tool. They can search the database by certain features like serotype, promoter, or tool type and each entry contains an image along with key experimental details (e.g. titer, injection site, animal strain used). Similar to the goodwill of Addgene plasmid depositors, this growing resource of over 100 entries is driven by the dedicated community of data-contributing researchers who use AAV tools.

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Topics: Viral Vectors, Addgene’s Viral Service

Droplet Digital PCR for AAV Quantitation

Posted by Kate Harten DeMaio on Jan 16, 2020 9:18:58 AM

Since Addgene began producing AAV vector preparations, we have used quantitative PCR to evaluate the physical titer of our preps. We often repeat this assay to confirm that our results are accurate. But what if we could repeat this assay 10,000 times to ensure that our titers were as accurate as possible? This is where droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) comes in.

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Topics: Viral Vectors, Viral Vector Protocols and Tips, AAV

New and Upcoming Viral Vectors - December 2019

Posted by Maya Peters Kostman on Dec 19, 2019 9:40:37 AM

Since the beginning of our viral service in 2016, we’ve added many new tools to our inventory of ready-to-use viral vectors. Here are some of the AAV we have released in the last few months. You can also browse our entire AAV inventory.

Our new AAVs include:

  • Optogenetics AAV
  • Control AAV
  • Biosensor AAV
  • And more!
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Topics: Viral Vectors, Addgene’s Viral Service

Three Key Considerations For Precise Neuronal Targeting Using AAV Technologies

Posted by Susanna Bachle on Nov 27, 2019 9:03:45 AM

Understanding the biology behind brain development, learning, and behavior poses many challenges in neuroscience with many brain regions, neuronal networks, and specific neuronal populations to consider. To tease apart how different neurons impact a certain output, neuroscientists have begun to use more precise genetic tools: activators, inhibitors, sensors, recombinases, and more. With the help of adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV), neuroscientists can combine classical genetic tools with the manipulation of specific neuronal subtypes and determine how these changes affect the phenotype. Viral vectors and genetic approaches are continuously refined and developed so there are many combinations to choose from for your experiments!

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Topics: Viral Vectors, Viral Vector Protocols and Tips, AAV

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