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Jennifer Tsang

Jennifer Tsang is the Science Communications and Marketing Coordinator at Addgene.

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Plasmid Tools for Microbiome Studies

Posted by Jennifer Tsang on Jun 27, 2019 8:25:58 AM

Microbiome studies have traditionally fallen into studies of who’s there and what are they doing. To address these questions, biologists often use next-generation sequencing. Sequencing the 16S rRNA reveals the identity of the organisms present while sequencing of all transcripts gives clues into what the microbes are doing.

But aside from sequencing, scientists can also study the microbiome by using engineered genetic tools and reporter microbes. Let’s take a look at a few of these methods below.

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Topics: Microbiology

Fluorescent Protein Travel Awards - Protein Variants, a Serotonin Sensor, and an Artificial Leaf Replica System

Posted by Jennifer Tsang on Jun 4, 2019 9:02:29 AM

Fluorescent proteins have enabled scientists to pursue creative research avenues previously unavailable to them. With these tools it’s now easy to monitor protein expression, localization, and protein-protein interactions. Beyond these common applications, researchers are finding new ways to apply fluorescent proteins everyday. 

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Topics: Fluorescent Proteins

What's New in CRISPR - May 2019

Posted by Jennifer Tsang on May 28, 2019 8:49:09 AM

In this quarterly blog series, we’ll highlight a few of the new CRISPR plasmids available at Addgene. We will still periodically focus on specific CRISPR plasmid tools more in-depth, but we hope that this blog series will help you find new CRISPR tools for your research!

This time:

  • Ecoli genome-wide CRISPR inhibition
  • Covalent tethering of DNA template to Cas9
  • SECURE base editors
  • Nme2Cas9
  • CRISPR interference in Candida albicans
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Topics: CRISPR

Tips to Make the Most of a Scientific Conference

Posted by Jennifer Tsang on May 23, 2019 8:26:09 AM

So you’ve done the research, gathered up your data into an exciting story, and are ready to present your findings at a conference. But what you get out of a conference depends on what you put into it before, during, and after the meeting. Let’s break it down into the following: the elevator pitch, talks, the poster session, networking, and social media.

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Topics: Career

It’s CRISPR Week at Addgene!

Posted by Jennifer Tsang on May 13, 2019 8:01:45 AM

In 2012, we received the first CRISPR plasmid deposit. Now we have over 8,000 CRISPR plasmids in the repository that have been shared over 140,000 times to over 75 countries. That’s a lot of CRISPR! As we’ve shared these tools over the years, the amount of CRISPR educational resources hosted on our website and blog have grown. We even have a CRISPR eBook. This week, we’ll continue to grow the ways we share science by hosting our first ever CRISPR Week on social media.

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Topics: CRISPR

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