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Base of a plant expressing RUBY, with red and green leaves and red stalks.
Cartoon depiction of a superhero cutting a chain tethering TET1 to dCas9
The different positions in the lab depicted by hats piled on mascot Blugene's head. The many hats in the lab include: principle investigator (PI), undergraduate student, graduate student, postdoctoral researcher (postdoc), lab technician or research assistant, lab manager, administrative assistant, staff scientist, and visiting scholar or student.
Crowdfight connects collaborators from around the world
Electron micrograph showing hM4Di tagged with mCherry remaining cytoplasmic and hM4Di-HA tag localizes to the plasma membrane.
Schematic for transforming pEcgRNA and pEcCas into E. coli to edit the genome. Plasmids are subsequently cured from the cell.

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