Jason Nasse

Jason Nasse is a senior scientist at Addgene specializing in AAV vectors and neuroscience. He obtained his Ph.D. in neuroscience from The Ohio State University, and is interested in helping scientists utilize viral vectors in their experiments and promoting open-data sharing through online data repositories.

Blog articles by Jason Nasse

Cartoon showing an experimental setup for using an optogenetic tool on a mouse neuron in an in vivo model.
Flow charts show steps for selecting serotype and promoter on top, and steps for testing serotype, titer, and promoter in the middle. On the bottom are three unconnected steps listing how to test serotype, titers, and promoters
Survey results showing scientists want more negative data in the AAV data hub
Schematic of Plasmid Amplification in Recombinase Deficient e. Coli

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