Mike Lacy

Mike Lacy is a Scientific Curator at Addgene. He received his PhD in molecular biophysics at Yale and worked in editing and publishing. He loves fluorescence microscopy, open science, and helping scientists share and discover the latest tools for their research.

Blog articles by Mike Lacy

Four schematics of protein labeling strategies with pros and cons list for each.
Schematic showing CIB1-fluorescent protein-Rab attached to vesicles and free CRY2 protein. 488 nm light causes CRY2 and CIB1 to bind each other and form a cluster with the Rab protein and vesicles.
Graphic showing sequential multiplexing flow (left) and simultaneous multiplexing (right), converging through a flow chart to a multicolor composite image.
Schematic showing MTRIA biosensors are generated by inserting a circularly-permuted GFP into an intracellular loop of various G-protein-coupled receptors
An image of CERN accelerator with

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