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Maya Peters Kostman

Maya Peters Kostman completed her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, where she studied Integrative Biology and Molecular and Cell Biology. At Addgene, she works in the lab and in communications and is passionate about making science more approachable and accessible for all audiences.

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New and Upcoming Viral Vectors - December 2019

Posted by Maya Peters Kostman on Dec 19, 2019 9:40:37 AM

Since the beginning of our viral service in 2016, we’ve added many new tools to our inventory of ready-to-use viral vectors. Here are some of the AAV we have released in the last few months. You can also browse our entire AAV inventory.

Our new AAVs include:

  • Optogenetics AAV
  • Control AAV
  • Biosensor AAV
  • And more!
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Topics: Viral Vectors, Addgene’s Viral Service

Zebrafish as a Model for Behavior: Swimming into the Optogenetic Spotlight

Posted by Maya Peters Kostman on Jul 16, 2019 8:59:05 AM

Optogenetics, the use of light sensitive proteins (opsins) to manipulate cell activity, enables researchers to silence or incite neuronal firing and study subsequent effects on behavior. The system is an especially powerful tool for in vivo behavioral studies because it is non-invasive and offers a high degree of control over time and space.

Zebrafish have become a popular model organism because their larval stage lends itself well to studies of neuroscience. The larvae of zebrafish are translucent and allow for noninvasive live imaging with fluorescent tags and activation of light sensing proteins. Furthermore, during the first 2 weeks of life, larvae already exhibit distinct behaviors such as spontaneous swimming and escape reflex. These traits, coupled with short generation times and high fecundity, make zebrafish ideal for high throughput studies of optogenetics. 

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Topics: Optogenetics, Viral Vectors, Organisms

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