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Ashley Waldron is a Senior Scientist at Addgene. She loves helping researchers from around the world find, share, and learn about new tools and resources.

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Antibody with five example conjugation sites indicated. Each site represents a different conjugation strategy, 1) lysine 2) cysteine 3) carbohydrate 4) sequence modifications 5) protein-protein interactions.
Schematic summarizing the problem with species on species immunohistochemistry. The schematic is titled Species on Species Staining - The Problem and shows a cell membrane with a target protein and an endogenous IgG. A primary antibody is bound to the target and secondary antibodies conjugated with fluorophores are bound to both the primary antibody and the endogenous IgG.
Graphic showing the four steps (fix sample, anchor and polymerize, digest, expand) of expansion microscopy
3-step diagram showing (top) Step 1 - image of cells producing antibodies and next to it, Myc1-9E10 monoclonal antibody. (middle) Mcy1-E10 immnogen sequence (protein) AEEQKLISEEDLLRKRREQLKHKLEQLRNSCA. (Bottom) Three proteins of various shapes, each with a Myc tag (represented by a gift tag) attached to them by a wire.
A comparison of the fixation processes of formaldehyde vs methanol
Scientific Method Problem Solving Overview
Schematic comparing direct and indirect IF

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