Aliyah Weinstein

Aliyah Weinstein was formerly Addgene’s Marketing and Communications Manager. She has a research background in cancer immunology and is engaged in science writing and advocating for equity in STEM. Outside of science, Aliyah enjoys yoga, board games, and traveling. You can find Aliyah on Twitter @YourTurnAliyah .

Blog articles by Aliyah Weinstein

Diagram depicting the general steps of a direct ELISA.
Diagram outlining the steps of polyclonal antibody production.
The five steps in the generation of a hybridoma.
purple bacteria Zoom background with mascots Blugene and Aavery
Antibody schematic. The two heavy chains form a Y shape while two shorter light chains are next to each branch of the Y shape. Antigen binding sites include the light and heavy chain at the top of the Y shape. The top part of the antibody is the Fab domain and the bottom part of the antibody is the Fc domain.
Cut outs of paper snowflakes shaped like viruses hung up on a window to the lab. Descriptions of the viruses are next to the snowflakes.

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