Viral Vectors 101: Producing Your rAAV

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 A viral particle enters a host cell, enters the host nucleus, is transcribed into RNA, and is translated into protein.
Cartoon schematic: a barcoded transfer plasmid and packaging plasmids are put in barcoded LentiX-293T cells. From this, an arrow points to virus particles with a barcode; an arrow from the barcode points to
Structure of a recombinant AAV vector, where two ITRs flank the gene cassette.
Cartoon depicting (a)
A cartoon of the cycle of an adenoviral particle. Beginning at the clathrin-coated pit, infecting virions are endocytosed and imported into the nucleus through steps of capsid disassembly endosomal membrane disruption, and dynein-dependent transport of the viral payload to nuclear pores via microtubules. It is a circular diagram going through time, with arrows between each of the steps. Many of the later steps are not mentioned here, but they regard manufacture of new virions, which does not happen with most viral vectors.

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