New and Upcoming Viral Vectors - Spring 2019

By Leila Haery

New Viral Vectors AddgeneSince the beginning of our viral service in 2016, we’ve added many new tools to our inventory of ready-to-use viral vectors. Here are some of the AAV we have released so far in 2019. You can also browse our entire AAV inventory!

Our new AAVs include:

  • pGP-AAV-syn-FLEX-jGCaMP7b-WPRE
  • pAAV.hSyn-FLEX.iGABASnFR.F102G
  • pAAV-Syn-Archon1-KGC-GFP-ER2
  • pAAV-Syn-FLEX-rc [Archon1-KGC-GFP-ER2]
  • pAAV-FLEX-tdTomato
  • pAAV-GFAP104-mCherry
  • pAAV-mDlx-NLS-mRuby2
  • pAAV-hSyn-mCherry

Read on to learn more! 

Calcium sensor AAV

The GFP-based calcium sensors are single-wavelength sensors with intensities that change in response to calcium binding. There are a few versions of these jGCaMP7 sensors with different properties (for example, overall brightness or on/off kinetics) that makes them suitable for different applications. We recently released a new variant of jGCaMP7 (keep reading) and will be releasing more variants in the next few months (see “coming soon”).

The 7b variant (pGP-AAV-syn-FLEX-jGCaMP7b-WPRE) exhibits the brightest resting fluorescence of the GCaMP7 family of calcium sensors and can be used for imaging of small neuronal processes like dendrites and axons.

Find the 7b variant of jGCaMP7 in AAV1 at Addgene!

See all calcium sensor AAV at Addgene.

GABA sensor AAV

GABA is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in vertebrates, but methods for directly imaging GABA have been limited. Like calcium sensors, different iGABASnFR have been developed and are suited for different applications. The iGABASnFR GABA sensor (pAAV.hSyn-FLEX.iGABASnFR) has good membrane localization and brightness. The F102G variant (pAAV.hSyn-FLEX.iGABASnFR.F102G) is noticeably dimmer than iGABASnFR, and accumulates in the endoplasmic reticulum, but exhibits larger fluorescent responses to GABA.

Find the iGABASnFR and its F102G variant in AAV1 at Addgene!

Archon1, a voltage sensor AAV

Historically, electrical activity in the brain was measured with implanted electrodes. The Archon1 voltage reporter allows a way to monitor neuronal electrical activity through imaging. Since it’s illuminated by red/orange light, Archon1 can also be used in conjunction with optogenetic activators and inhibitors that respond to blue light. We recently released a constitutive (pAAV-Syn-Archon1-KGC-GFP-ER2) and cre-dependent version (pAAV-Syn-FLEX-rc [Archon1-KGC-GFP-ER2]) of this membrane-embedding voltage detector.

Find Archon1 and its cre-dependent version at Addgene!

Fluorescent protein and control AAV

These fluorescent protein expression vectors can be used to visualize cells and to quantify targeting of particular cell types. For example, the mDlx enhancer restricts expression to GABAergic interneurons. These vectors can also be used as the control vectors for experiments encoding a fluorescent-tagged molecular tool.  

Find pAAV-FLEX-tdTomato, pAAV-GFAP104-mCherry, pAAV-mDlx-NLS-mRuby2, CAG-NLS-GFP,
and pAAV-hSyn-mCherry at Addgene.

Viral vectors coming soon!

These vectors listed below should be released at Addgene in the next 6 months, pending quality control. For an estimate on availability date or to be notified when a particular catalog item is available for order please email with the vector name and serotype you’d like to be notified about.


Plasmid Serotype Name
114472  AAV5, AAV8  pAAV-hSyn-mCherry
50459  AAVrg  pAAV-hSyn-DIO-mCherry
59462  AAV2  pAAV-CAG-tdTomato (codon diversified)
37825  AAV8*, AAV9*  pAAV-CAG-GFP
50465  AAV8*, AAV9*  pAAV-hSyn-EGFP

*Also coming in our new 20 ul trial size!

Voltage indicators

Plasmid Serotype Name
119036  AAV1  pAAV-hsyn-flex-Voltron-ST


Plasmid Serotype Name
75033  AAV1  pAAV CD68-hM4D(Gi)-mCherry (CD68 is a
 microglia/macrophage promoter)
121539  AAV5  pOTTC1596 - pAAV SYN1 HA-hM3D(Gq)
121538  AAV5  pOTTC1484 - pAAV SYN1 HA-hM4D(Gi)
119741  AAV5  AAV SYN flex PSAM4 GlyR IRES EGFP
 Chimeric channels for neuronal manipulation
 Chimeric channels for neuronal manipulation


Plasmid Serotype Name
50363  AAV5  AAV phSyn1(S)-DreO-bGHpA
121675  AAV9  pAAV-EF1a-fDIO-Cre (FLP-dependent CRE)
55634  AAV1  pAAV-EF1a-mCherry-IRES-Flpo
55637  AAV1  pAAV-EF1a-Flpo

Calcium sensors

Plasmid Serotype Name
104496  AAV1

 promoter exhibits high specificity for Purkinje neurons.

105321  AAV1

 pGP-AAV-syn-jGCaMP7c variant 1513-WPRE 7c exhibits high
 contrast between peak fluorescence and resting fluorescence.
 It is useful for activity imaging of large populations of densely
 labeled neurons because background fluorescence from
 inactive neurons is reduced.

105322  AAV1

 pGP-AAV-syn-FLEX-jGCaMP7c variant 1513-WPRE7c exhibits
 high contrast between peak fluorescence and resting
 fluorescence.  It is useful for activity imaging of large
 populations of densely-labeled neurons because background
 fluorescence from inactive neurons is reduced.

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