Addgene’s Newest Way to Speed Your Research: The Cloning Grade DNA Service

By Paolo Colombi

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What if after ordering a plasmid you didn't have to grow the bacteria and prep the plasmid before you begin your cloning experiment? What if after receiving the plasmid from Addgene you could directly start your digest, PCR, or transformation? 

Great news. A subset of our collection has been prepared as part of our new cloning grade DNA service and is ready to use out of the box.

We estimate that providing cloning grade DNA could save scientists up to three days of work. We’ve taken care of all the steps going from streaking to a single colony to DNA extraction and quantification so that you can focus on what you want to do with your plasmid without spending time and resources in preparative experiments. 

We’re excited to begin offering this service to further contribute to our mission to “accelerate research and discovery.”

Here are the details.

Plasmids offered as cloning grade DNA

As we begin testing out this service, we’re starting with 210 plasmids from the collection. You can find the full list here. Most of these plasmids are empty backbones, some of them containing fluorescent markers or protein tags, and suitable for molecular cloning. Plus, we decided to include 10 plasmids that can be directly used in the research on the SARS-CoV-2. Nine of the overall plasmid selection will be open to industry scientists. This collection is highly diverse in terms of target organisms (from bacteria to mammals), cloning techniques, and experimental use (CRISPR, viral production, RNAi, protein expression etc.).We hope that this service will be helpful to the many different scientific communities using plasmid tools.

Browse plasmids available as cloning grade DNA!

Details about the cloning grade DNA beta project

We will ship you  2 µg of DNA in 20 µl of Tris buffer suitable for molecular biology experiments such as cloning, digestions, PCR etc. and/or directly long term storage. Every preparation is quality controlled through next generation sequencing and spectrophotometry to test purity (260/280 nm and 260/230 nm ratios) and measure the concentration. Since this is a beta project, it will run for at least 6 months as we assess the needs of the scientific community and possibly expand the collection. 

During this period, we’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried out this service! Let us know what you think. You can also let us know which plasmids you’d like to see as part of the service in the future using the Cloning Grade DNA Suggestion Form

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