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By Eddy Page

blugene in a TVVideos can save researchers time by quickly relaying key points about an unfamiliar topic or lab process. Along with our role as a plasmid repository, Addgene aims to be a vital educational resource for scientists around the world. With that in mind, we are very excited to debut our brand new Addgene Videos page!

Videos are a powerful tool for communicating scientific knowledge. On this new page, we have neatly organized the educational video content from our website, blog, and YouTube channel. The goal of this page is to make it easier for you to find content relevant to your research and career goals, or to answer any questions you might have about Addgene.

The page is divided into three main sections:


  • To complement our written protocol materials, we have also created video protocols.  These feature step-by-step instructions to navigate various lab processes.  Our most recent protocol video detailing Streaking Plates for Single Bacterial Colonies can be found below:

Career videos

  • Ever needed career advice or wonder what it’s like to work at a biotech nonprofit? In our Career Video series, we feature interviews with real Addgenies who have a variety of roles at Addgene.  You’ll hear all about their career paths, future goals, and get some useful career advice.  Our first video, featuring Outreach Scientist Jessica Welch, can be found below:

How-to videos

  • Our How-To videos feature screen-capture footage to help you navigate Addgene’s vast online resources. Our most popular How-To video on “How to Order” details every stage of the selection and checkout process on Addgene’s website:

We’ll be continuously updating this page with new and interesting content. Wish we had a video on something that you don’t see here? Give us suggestions in the comments section below!

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