New and Upcoming Viral Vectors - June 2019

By Leila Haery

New Viral Vectors AddgeneSince the beginning of our viral service in 2016, we’ve added many new tools to our inventory of ready-to-use viral vectors. Here are some of the AAV we have released in the last few months. You can also browse our entire AAV inventory.

Our new AAVs include:

  • Control AAVs for serotype testing
  • jGCaMP7c for calcium detection
  • PSAM4 GlyR for chemogenetic inhibition
  • Flp expression for intersectional studies
  • And more!

Control AAV

We’re always excited to add new control AAVs to our inventory since we know that scientists need these tools both for pilot experiments and for interpreting the results of studies. When planning AAV experiments, scientists often have to choose the best serotype for their particular study, which includes comparing the transduction patterns of different AAV serotypes. To help make this easier for scientists, we now offer trial size 20 µL samples of control AAV that scientists can use for serotype testing. These samples are available in various serotypes of two popular control AAV encoding GFP.

Check out our inventory of serotype testing AAV

New control AAVs

Plasmid Serotype Name
37825  AAV1 pAAV-CAG-GFP
59462  AAV2 pAAV-CAG-tdTomato (codon diversified)
114472  AAV5, AAV8 pAAV-hSyn-mCherry
50459  AAV9, AAVrg pAAV-hSyn-DIO-mCherry
37825 AAV1, 2, 5, 8, 9 (20 µL size serotype testing) pAAV-CAG-GFP
50465 AAV8, 9 (20 µL size serotype testing) AAV-hSyn-EGFP

Biosensor AAV

The ability to detect the neurotransmitters and other bioactive molecules is integral to the study of neuroscience. To this end, new biosensing AAV are always being developed and we are excited to offer these useful tools to the community. Among other new biosensor tools, we now offer the jGCaMP7c variant in AAV1. This variant exhibits high contrast between its resting state and its calcium-bound state, which was achieved by lowering the basal fluorescence of the sensor. This “contrast” variant provides improved detection for tracking large populations of neurons in wide-field imaging (Dana et al., 2018).

See our full biosensor AAV inventory

New glutamate sensors

Plasmid Serotype Name
106176  AAV1  pAAV.hSynapsin.SF-iGluSnFR.S72A

New calcium sensors

Plasmid Serotype Name
105322  AAV1 pGP-AAV-syn-FLEX-jGCaMP7c variant 1513-WPRE
111262  AAV1 pAAV-hSynapsin1-axon-GCaMP6s
112005  AAV9 pAAV-hSynapsin1-axon-GCaMP6s-P2A-mRuby3)
112010  AAV9 pAAV-hSynapsin1-FLEx-axon-GCaMP6s

New voltage sensors

Plasmid Serotype Name
119036  AAV1  pAAV-hsyn-flex-Voltron-ST

DREADDs / Chemogenetics AAV

We have also expanded our inventory of chemogenetic AAV for activating and inhibiting neurons. Minimally-tagged DREADD AAV from the Richie lab are especially useful for studies in non-human primates, where fusion fluorescent proteins can affect DREADD trafficking and localization. The Sternson lab recently deposited PSAM AAV, which encode engineered ligand-gated ion channels that can be activated with FDA-approved drugs.

See our inventory of DREADDs / Chemogenetics AAVs


Plasmid Serotype Name
75033  AAV1 pAAV CD68-hM4D(Gi)-mCherry
50467  AAV2 pAAV-CaMKIIa-HA-hM4D(Gi)-IRES-mCitrine
121538  AAV5 pOTTC1484 - pAAV SYN1 HA-hM4D(Gi)
121539  AAV5 pOTTC1596 - pAAV SYN1 HA-hM3D(Gq)

New chemogenetics AAV

Plasmid Serotype Name
119741  AAV5  AAV SYN flex PSAM4 GlyR IRES EGFP

Recombinase AAV

Finally, we are excited to add Flp-expression AAV to our recombinase AAV inventory. Flp is another useful recombinase that can be used in combination with Cre for intersectional control of specific neuronal populations. We now offer a Flp-expressing AAV, as well as a Cre-dependent Flp-expressing AAV.

See our recombinase AAV inventory here

New recombinases

Plasmid Serotype Name
55637  AAVrg pAAV-EF1a-Flpo
87306  AAV1 AAV pEF1a-DIO-FLPo-WPRE-hGHp

Other new viral vectors

New optogenetics inhibitors

Plasmid Serotype Name
99039  AAVrg pAAV-CamKII-ArchT-GFP (PV2527)
105679  AAV5 ppAAV-CKIIa-stGtACR1-FusionRed

New tetracycline transactivators

Plasmid Serotype Name
99120  AAV1 pAAV-ihSyn1-tTA
99121  AAV1 pAAV-ihSyn1-DIO-tTA

Viral vectors coming soon!

These vectors listed below should be released at Addgene in the next 6 months, pending quality control. For an estimate on availability date or to be notified when a particular catalog item is available for order please email with the vector name and serotype you’d like to be notified about.


Plasmid Serotype Name
37825  AAVrg (20 µL size serotype testing) pAAV-CAG-GFP
50465 AAV1, 2, 5, rg (20 µL size serotype testing) pAAV-hSyn-EGFP


Plasmid Serotype Name
55634  AAV1  pAAV-EF1a-mCherry-IRES-Flpo
55637  AAV1  pAAV-EF1a-Flpo


Plasmid Serotype Name


Plasmid Serotype Name
105322  AAV1  pGP-AAV-syn-FLEX-jGCaMP7c variant 1513-WPRE
105714  AAV8  pAAV-Ef1a-fDIO-GCaMP6s


Plasmid Serotype Name
124651  AAV9  pAAV-CamKIIa-ChrimsonR-mScarlet-KV2.1
124603  AAV9  pAAV-EF1a-DIO-ChrimsonR-mRuby2-KV2.1-WPRE-SV40

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