Minisymposium on Reproducibility Livestream

By Tyler Ford

UPDATE 5/22/2018 - You can find a thorough breakdown and takeaways from the Minisymposium on reproducibility in this blog post.


Today at 3pm EST, we'll be discussing reproducibility issues in the biological sciences at our Minisymposium on Reproducibility. A full description of the event can be found below or on the registration page but you can view the livestream of the talks and panel here:



Description of the Minisymposium on Reproducibility

Many individual PIs, funders, publishers, and companies are working to make research results more reproducible and they have come up with many creative tools and techniques to do so. These include best lab practices enforced by responsible PIs, electronic notebooks, reagent sharing and storage in repositories, public sharing of code, and much more. At this minisymposium we’ll discuss many of the tools available to researchers and get some insight into how researchers, funders, and publishers are working to improve reproducibility.

Minisymposium on Reproducibility Booklet

Find further details about the Minisymposium on Reproducibility as well as descriptions of organizations promoting reproducibility tools in the  Minisymposium on Reproducibility Booklet

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Topics: Scientific Sharing, Reproducibility

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