Antibodies 101 Series on TikTok

By Rachel Leeson

Our popular Antibodies 101 animation is becoming a TikTok series! Follow @addgene on TikTok for bite-sized portions of antibody concepts. Each short video answers an Antibodies 101 question, like "what is an antibody?" or "what is an IgE isotype?" 

@addgene Ready to learn about antibodies? Our new antibodies animation has all the information! Link in bio. #STEM #antibodies #molecularbiology #science #scicomm ♬ original sound - Addgene

We'll be posting these animations regularly from now until May, so follow us to get updates whenever a new video is posted! If TikTok isn't your platform, all of our videos will also be shared on our @addgene Instagram account, or you can watch the full animation on our YouTube channel

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New Antibody Animation 

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