Rachel Leeson

Rachel is a Science Communications Specialist at Addgene. She manages the blog and social media.

Blog articles by Rachel Leeson

a bacteria drawn by footprints in the snow on a building's deck with tables and chairs.
Pink Graphic with white snowflakes, a blue present, and the text
Blugene in a labcoat reading a book next a gold-colored Blugene also reading a book.
three cartoon blugenes, one holding a plasmid, one holding a virus, and one holding a piece of DNA.
Histogram of the frequency of SNPs mapped to targeting sequences of guides across 8 CRISPR libraries show cell lines of African ancestry have more guides affected than other cell lines. A second histogram of three corrected libraries shows the differences reduced in two cases and both peaks overlapped in the third.
Triplicate samples laid out in a 96 well plate
Aavery as the Hulk against a red brick wall with
The structure of a story, from introduction through resolution.

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