It’s CRISPR Week at Addgene!

By Jennifer Tsang

In 2012, we received the first CRISPR plasmid deposit. Now we have over 8,000 CRISPR plasmids in the repository that have been shared over 140,000 times to over 75 countries. That’s a lot of CRISPR! As we’ve shared these tools over the years, the amount of CRISPR educational resources hosted on our website and blog have grown. We even have a CRISPR eBook. This week, we’ll continue to grow the ways we share science by hosting our first ever CRISPR Week on social media.

#AddgeneCRISPRweek on Twitter

From May 13 (today!) to May 17, the Addgene Twitter feed will be all about CRISPR. We’ll have a different theme for each day. Beginning today, we’ll start with a CRISPR overview and history. Tuesday will focus on generating knockouts using CRISPR and Wednesday will highlight some Cas9 variants. Next, we’ll look at various CRISPR applications (such as visualize, screen, activate, and repress) on Thursday. We’d also like to see what you think so we’ll ask you some questions on Friday - share with us how you use CRISPR. Hope you will join us this week at #AddgeneCRISPRweek.

Addgene CRISPR Week

We updated the CRISPR guide!

If you’re not into Twitter, we have some exciting news for you too! The CRISPR field is always changing so we’ve been busy updating our CRISPR guide. Our CRISPR guide is a comprehensive resource that covers most things CRISPR - from nickases to base editing to pooled library screening. It also has information for planning your CRISPR experiment.

For a quick guide to CRISPR, download our CRISPR Cheat Sheet.
CRISPR Cheat Sheet

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