Hot Plasmids: Bacillus subtilis Libraries, iPSC Reprogramming, CRISPR Tools, & More!

By Tyler Ford

Hot Plasmids Segement-01.pngIn the fourth episode of our Hot Plasmids podcast series, you'll learn about new libraries for studying B. subtilis biology, plasmids for enhancing iPSC production, and CRISPR tools for plants. You can find additional hot plasmids in our quarterly newsletter or on our hot plasmids webpage.

Listen to this Hot Plasmids episode!

Hot plasmids covered in this segment

Hot Plasmid 1: B. subtilis knock out and knock down libraries.

Listen to Our segment on the B. subtilis libraries.

Hot Plasmid 2: Transcription factor fusions modulate iPSC reprogramming efficiency.

Listen to the segment on modulating iPSC reprogramming 

Hot Plasmid 3: Regulating telomere length with TZAP.

Listen to the segment on regulating telomere length with TZAP

Hot Plasmid 4: CRISPR tools for use in plants. 

Listen to the segment on CRISPR tools for plants.

Special thanks to our sound engineer/producer, Eddy Page!

Eddy_Page.jpgEdward B. Page is a Digital Media Production Specialist at Addgene. He is the audio engineer and producer for the Addgene Podcast.



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