Expanded Access to Rabies Plasmids

By Rachel Leeson

Addgene is excited to announce we now offer an export license application for rabies materials! Some of the materials in our repository, including rabies plasmids, are export-controlled materials in the USA, where Addgene is located.  The export license, if granted, allows us to ship rabies plasmids and viral vectors containing genetic elements from rabies plasmids to international requestors. We also offer export license applications for VSV and SARS-COV-1 plasmids.

Export control license process 


An export control license, once approved, allows Addgene to ship plasmids or viral vectors containing sequences from rabies and all other lyssa genus members to the specified international institution. Requesters will need to provide a brief description of the applicable research project when purchasing export-controlled materials. Addgene will then apply for the license for distribution to the requester’s organization. A non-refundable fee is applied to cover processing costs. Once the application is approved, Addgene then ships the material following our normal process.  

Due to recent regulation changes, an export control license for rabies materials may be required for some countries and may not be required for others. You will be notified if an export license is not required for your country after checkout, and the processing fee will be removed before your account is charged. 


We have offered VSV and SARS-COV-1 plasmids under this application process since May 2020. We find this process takes 4-6 weeks on average. Therefore, we recommend placing your order well in advance whenever possible, as we cannot expedite the application process. 

More information about export control licenses is available through the US Bureau of Industry and Security. If you have any questions about this or other Addgene shipping and ordering processes, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team at help@addgene.org

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