Congrats to the 2019 Deck The Lab Winners

By Jennifer Tsang

The holidays may be over, but signs of holiday spirit still linger (despite the unseasonably warm weather we had last weekend). We’ve spent the last week perusing the Deck The Lab contest submissions on Twitter and Instagram and we’re excited to share these creative entries as the winners of the 2019 contest.

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Agar art

For the second year in a row, agar art is one of the winning decorations for Deck The Lab. These festive, living artworks come from the Molecular Cytology group from the University of Amsterdam.


Holiday door

The Kravitz Lab went all out to deck their door. What a fun video of Mario, dressed as Santa, delivering gifts to the Mushroom Kingdom.


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Lab material tree

We often get submissions of decorations created from lab materials. This year, one of the winners included a lab material tree made from lab gloves. The tree was adorned with a bioluminescent tree topper, tube “lights,” and autoclave tape garland. Thanks @ribosholmes!


Frogs and tacos

The Miller Lab at the University of Michigan decorated with a little bit of everything: frog snowflakes, ornaments, lights, and took a group photo wearing holiday sweaters and Santa hats. There was even a giant taco...

Hope you’ve enjoyed the festivities in the last month!

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