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Kayla Strickland

Kayla Strickland is the Customer Support and Operations Manager at Addgene and is interested in nonprofit management and international development.

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Transferable Skills Guide: Identifying Your Transferable Skills

Posted by Kayla Strickland on Jan 11, 2018 10:29:18 AM

What is a transferable skill?

Time management. I needed it when balancing a handful of demanding courses, a capstone paper I really wanted to hit out of the park, part time work, bills, (at times) a social life and rest. I need it just as much in my current role as Customer Support and Operations Manager at Addgene. In this role, I balance my daily tasks, meet cross-team project commitments, respond to any issues raised by team members, and plan for the future of the team. All while still paying bills and having a life outside my job.

The same can be said about teamwork, communication, writing, management, and creativity; I have developed these skills through school, jobs, and volunteer work, and I guarantee you have developed them through similar experiences in graduate school. These skills will be useful anywhere I work in the future; they are transferrable across most, if not all, industries and work environments. This is why they are called transferable skills.

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Topics: Science Careers, Professional Development

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