2018 #DeckTheLab Contest Winners

By Jennifer Tsang

The holidays may be over, but signs of holiday spirit still linger on around the Addgene office as we peruse the #DeckTheLab submissions. We asked all of the Addgenies to pick their favorites out of the bunch and here’s what ended up on top.

Agar art from Nika Heijmans

There were many science-themed submissions: string lights hung up in the shape of RNA, light-up neurons on the lab door, and lot of agar art. This collection of agar art from Nika Heijmans stood out to the Addgenies.

Eppi the red nosed reindeer from @ladiesinlabcoats

Many teams recycled lab materials into holiday decorations. We appreciated the creative uses of old posters, pipette tip boxes, and more (stay tuned for a few blog posts coming up about sustainability in the lab!). The @ladiesinlabcoats used a pipette tip box and microcentrifuge tubes to make Eppi the red nosed reindeer.

Buddy the Elf from Matthew Sikora’s lab

Matthew Sikora’s lab went all out to transform their lab into a walking tour of Buddy the Elf’s journey from the North Pole to New York City. Check out their video below.

Fireplace from the Dyer Lab

If you’re feeling as chilly this winter as the Addgenies are in Massachusetts, have a look at the Dyer Lab’s decorated office! Below, they turned one of the lab computers into a fireplace scene. 

Thanks to all who participated in the 2018 #DeckTheLab competition. The four winners will receive a holiday care package from Addgene. We hope all of our entrants had fun decorating with their labmates!

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