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Posted by Caroline LaManna on Nov 19, 2014 10:10:53 AM

Addgene new website launchWe have lift off! You may have noticed a new friendly face on our website this morning announcing the launch of our new website. We are excited to finally bring you our new and improved website. We’ve been working diligently over the past month to design a site that is easier to navigate and helps you more effectively find the plasmids (and plasmid cloning information) that you’re looking for. 

I’ve put together a few screenshots below to show you just some of our new features, but the best way for you to see what’s changed is to head over to the upgraded Addgene website and explore for yourself. Don’t worry – it’s the same URL you’ve been using for years, so I promise you won’t get lost!

If you’ve requested plasmids using Addgene before, then you already have an account. Once you’ve logged in you’ll be able to find all your account and cart information easily accessible in the website header – on every page  as you browse through our site. You can quickly use the cart dropdown to see what plasmids you’ve already placed in your cart and to quickly checkout.

Addgene New Website Account Info

On all of our new pages, you’ll be able to search for plasmids by entering your favorite gene, backbone, PI, publication, or other keywords into the ever-present “Search Bar” in the top right corner. Browse our plasmid collections in the “Find Plasmids” dropdown in the grey toolbar. You can even access our newest and most popular plasmids from the “Special Collections” section on our homepage.

Interested in sharing your plasmids with other scientists? Checkout the “Deposit Plasmids” dropdown in the grey toolbar to learn about the benefits of depositing your plasmids and to learn more about how to get started. Our online system walks you step-by-step through the process to submit your plasmid information.

If you’re looking for the latest news about Addgene and our community of scientists, browse the “Community” section at the bottom of the homepage. Here we’ll post updates about research and awards in our community and you’ll find a link back here to our blog – so you can keep up on the latest science stories from your colleagues, career development advice, and more.

Addgene New Website Homepage

Now for our upgraded “Plasmid Pages” – where we’ve focused on reorganizing the layout of the plasmid and cloning information to make it easier to understand the plasmid you are looking at. In the blue bar at the top of the “Plasmid Page”, we’ve highlighted the plasmid name, plasmid ID #, and the popularity of the plasmid. Don’t know what our “Hot Plasmid” flames mean? Head on over to our website to find out – go to Plasmid #42230 and click on the blue flame to find the popularity key.

We’ve brought the most important information to the top of the page. You can find out the plasmid purpose, depositing lab, and publication at the top right of the “Plasmid Page”. This makes it easy to identify and cite the lab that originally created the plasmid. To make your life even simpler, go to “How to cite this plasmid” box at the bottom of your “Plasmid Page” and you can copy and paste the citations into your “Materials & Methods” and “References” sections of your manuscript (go to Plasmid #8453 and scroll to the bottom to see an example). Now you can easily give credit where credit is due!

You asked for it, so we listened! We moved the plasmid map up to the top of the “Plasmid Page” and made quick-links to all available sequences and any additional maps that have been provided by the depositing scientist. Click on the Enlarge button to see a more detailed view of the plasmid map.

Addgene New Website Plasmid Page

The improved “Plasmid Pages” have also been divided into sections: Backbone, Growth in Bacteria, Sequence Information, Gene/Insert, Cloning Information, Resource Information, and Depositor Comments. The more information provided by our depositing scientists, the better you can understand the plasmid before you use it. Hopefully our new organization will help save you time as you browse the plasmids in our repository! 

These are just some of the changes we’ve made. Browse the new Addgene site and let us know what you think in the comments below. Or email help@addgene.org with your feedback.

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