Welcome to the Lab Bench! New Protocol Series Helps Trainees Get Started in the Lab

By Various Addgenies

New to the lab? Or looking for ways to supplement your teaching? You’re in luck!

Addgene’s new Intro to the Lab Bench series was born from the shift to remote learning due to COVID-19. We had many protocols for plasmid cloning and working with viral vectors, but what we lacked were videos guiding completely new members of the lab or those taking introductory lab courses.

The Intro to the Lab Bench series is meant to be an informative introduction for those who are just starting their careers in the lab and even those who might just need a refresher on some best practices for introductory science techniques. It’s also great for teachers looking to supplement their curriculum. From the details about personal protective equipment to learning about how to use a tissue culture hood and other lab equipment, we’re here for you as you learn the ropes!

All material can be found from the Intro to the Lab Bench home page.

Screenshot of Intro to Lab Bench homepage

Browse protocols in the Intro to the Lab Bench series

While we just began creating this content, here’s what we will have for you when the project is complete:

  • Module 1: Before You Get Started
  • Module 2: Lab Equipment
  • Module 3: Sterile Technique
  • Module 4: Reagents and Solutions

As we create these, we’ll be adding them to our website as we go. While we have protocols for lab safety and personal protective equipment available now, other protocols such as pipetting techniques, handling reagents, using a microscope, making solutions and dilutions, autoclaving, centrifuging, and more, will be available in the future. To stay in the loop, sign up for email updates where you’ll get new content delivered right to your inbox.

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