Twenty Years of Sharing Science!

By Rachel Leeson

Today marks Addgene's 20th anniversary! We've done so much in the past two (2!) decades that it's hard to summarize, but we wanted to mark the occasion by trying. 


When we started in 2004, we were the plasmid repository. In 2016, we added viral vectors, and in 2022 we added ready-to-use antibodies. Now, we think of ourselves as a repository for DNA-based materials, including our popular kits and libraries. This DNA-based materials repository contains 139,868 reagents from 5,821 labs in 1,249 institutions across 55 countries. 

Our first request was on September 8, 2004 (for pcDNA-p160MBP, if you're curious.) Since then, we've distributed 2,002,539 materials to 254,034 scientists in 8,900 institutions across 111 countries.

Just eight days into 2024, we've already shipped 2,078 items to 764 scientists at 375 organizations in 21 different countries. It's safe to say we keep our shipping team busy! But they're not alone: to better serve our international community, we've partnered with distributors in China, Korea, Japan, India, and Brazil. 

We've also created a robust support system for scientists using materials in our repository, from our customer and science support to our efficient and easy tech transfer process to our website and educational resources. We've got twenty years of experience we're sharing through blogs, eBooks, videos, guides, protocols, and of course, the friendly folks at!

Fun fact! Did you know you can search for plasmids from a publication by pasting the paper's title into the Addgene website search bar?  

We'll be celebrating all year long, so keep an eye on our blog and social media. In the meantime, thank you all so much for being part of our community and for allowing us the honor of being part of yours. We hope you find our services helpful in your scientific pursuits! 





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