A Case Study of Addgene Bioinformatics

By Rachel Leeson

Last summer, we posted about our bioinformatics quest, which led us to Seqera Labs, a company that provides open source workflow orchestration software for data pipeline processing (Nextflow), cloud infrastructure, and secure collaboration. 

In that post, we talked about Addgene’s data processing needs, our criteria for selecting a new workflow management system, and how Nextflow helped us manage our data. To quote Jason Niehaus, Director of Data Science and head of our Data Team, “Our patchwork collection of scripts evolved into a single, organized pipeline and accelerated the processing of our sequencing data.” 

Recently, Seqera published a case study on how Addgene has used Nextflow to improve and redesign our pipeline. In it, they break down the unique challenges of our platform and how we were able to address these issues using our existing resources. You can read it, and other case studies, on the Seqera website

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