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Sophia K. Cheng

Sophia K. Cheng is a Senior Software Engineer at Addgene with a background in computer engineering and bioinformatics. She has spent her career in the biomedical research domain and is passionate about helping accelerate research and discovery with elegantly written software.

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An Inside Look into Addgene's Dev Team

Posted by Sophia K. Cheng on Jan 23, 2020 9:45:00 AM

When you think of Addgene, chances are software development is not one of the things that comes to mind. The truth is, there is a lot of software development happening at Addgene under the hood. A significant portion of our development may not be visible to users like yourselves but you have definitely reaped the benefits. We support everyone that works with Addgene in some way. For users, we just released a major redesign of how search works on our site. For Addgenies, development includes everything from tracking plasmids from the moment a deposit kit is sent to a depositor, to streamlining the order fulfillment process to reduce viral order fulfilment from an average of 40 minutes to 10 minutes. While users can’t tangibly see these improvements, you are benefited with reassurance your plasmids will not get lost in a freezer and your viral orders are being fulfilled more quickly. As Addgene grows and evolves, we will be here to increase all of our teams’ efficiency and productivity. Get to know our software development team and the development process at Addgene.

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