Addgene’s GIPHY Page is Here to Help You Express Yourself (and Your Gene of Interest)

By Quintin Marcelino

We’re making some moves over here at Addgene...and they’re looping?

Question mark
What’s the deal with looping GIFs? We have answers! via GIPHY


We’ve been working hard to create the most informative and entertaining protocol and explainer videos for you to level up in the lab, and we’ve started collecting some of our favorite (moving) images on a GIPHY page! The best part is, we’re not only sharing them with you, but you can share them with your coworkers, labmates, and friends as well!


Sharing plasmids
Addgene is sharing so much more than plasmids these days. via GIPHY


You can see for yourself at But that’s not all! You’ll be able to use these GIFs on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more. Just type “addgene” into the GIF search bar to find that perfect response GIF.


Addgene twitter gifs

We have GIFs for every occasion. Disaster in the lab you haven’t quite gotten over? We have you covered.


Blugene crying
Believe us...we know the feeling. via GIPHY


Or maybe your experiment went so well you need to express yourself. We have something for that too.


Another successful experiment

This could be you after watching Addgene’s protocol videos. via GIPHY


If you’re also looking for that perfect GIF for your TikTok or Instagram story, we also have stickers to help express your emotions (while you’re on a break from expressing some genes of interest).


Blugene dancing
Blugene is so excited they can’t stop dancing! via GIPHY


Don’t forget to check in regularly to see the newest GIFs we’ve posted, and tag us on social media when you use your favorite one. If you have any suggestions for future GIFs, feel free to let us know on Twitter @addgene! Addgene is always looking for new ways to help you celebrate those wins in the lab.


Celebrating in the lab
You don’t need to sweep confetti off the floor of your lab if you use a GIF! via GIPHY


So head over to our GIPHY page to check out everything we’ve uploaded so far, and start sharing the science love today!


Check out Addgene's Giphy Page




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