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Dr. Kamens is the Executive Director of Addgene. She has worked in pharma and biotech and has been doing career advising for scientists since 2003. She serves on many nonprofit boards and is an advocate for diversity and equity in science.

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Reaching out to China: Canton Nucleic Acids Forum (CNAF) 2015

Posted by Joanne Kamens on Dec 1, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Having never been to China myself, I was pleased to be able to participate when the organizers of the Canton Nucleic Acids Forum (CNAF) 2015 conference invited me to attend and speak about Addgene’s experience helping scientists share plasmids, especially those of the CRISPR variety (see slides from my talk below). Largely organized by Dmitry Samarsky, and a very welcoming team from China’s Ribobio, the illustrious speaker list attracted a host of sponsors based all over the world. With three Nobel Prize winners, one NIH Director and a co-founder of BGI-China presenting, it’s no wonder it was attended by over 300 Chinese scientists eager to hear current findings in nucleic acid science. I was delighted to see that the majority of attendees were scientists still working at the bench. It was a fantastic opportunity to talk to so many scientists who were potential Addgene requestors and depositors. China is in one of the top 10 countries in number of plasmid requests from Addgene.

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6 Steps to Submitting a Resume That Gets Seen

Posted by Joanne Kamens on Jul 9, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Expanding your network of relationships early and often is the most effective tactic a scientist in training can adopt to ensure opportunities in the future. Studies show that the majority of job offers arise as a result of existing professional (and personal) relationships. However, most job seekers will and should apply for jobs posted online as one part of their job search. This is especially true of scientists seeking a first job after the academic bench. Utilizing existing relationships as part of the job application process can dramatically increase the chances of being seriously considered for an open position. 

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Management for Scientists: Managing vs. Leading

Posted by Joanne Kamens on Mar 31, 2015 12:08:00 PM

This is the fifth in a 5 part series on Management for scientists. Subscribe to the Addgene Career Advice Posts here.

We are inundated with articles and books on the topic of leadership. Perhaps one of your advisors or mentors has urged you to work on developing your “leadership skills”. Leadership is prized at all levels of an organization and is also one of the most common criteria required for a promotion. Yet little explanation is given for how someone can or should demonstrate this quality.  

I am often asked to give career seminars on Leadership Skills. After attempting to put together such a presentation many times, I could never actually figure out what skills were really leader-specific. How is leadership different from good management? Aren't all career skills leaderhsip skills when done well? Do you just have to know it when you see it?

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Management for Scientists: Delegating is Key

Posted by Joanne Kamens on Feb 20, 2015 3:30:00 PM

This is the fourth in a 5 part series on Management for scientists. Subscribe to the Addgene Career Advice Posts here.

Once you are responsible for managing others you will only be successful in your role if you become a master at delegating tasks and responsibilities. The manager is not expected to DO all the work she is expected to make sure the work gets done and done well. Involving your team effectively is now your new measure of success. It is imperative that you resist the temptation to “just do it myself” or micromanage you don’t have time for that and you won’t be as productive. For example, the many resources avaliable on the Addgene website didn't come into being through the actions of a single person but hrough the coordinated efforts of many individuals.

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Management for Scientists: Giving Feedback

Posted by Joanne Kamens on Feb 6, 2015 9:46:00 AM

This is the third in a 5 part series on Management for scientists. Subscribe to the Addgene Career Advice Posts here.

Feedback is help and it should result in authentic assistance for the recipient to become more effective and successful. Giving timely and useful feedback is an absolutely required aspect of being a successful manager. Great bosses tell people where they stand clearly and routinely. They are clear with each employee about what they do well and where they need to improve, and they’re also clear about how the person is doing overall. Employees hate to wonder what you think of their work.



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