ICYMI: Addgene’s Plasmids 101 eBook

By Marcy Patrick

Addgene scientists in the lab.We'd like to thank all of the contributing Addgenies that made this eBook possible: Melina Fan, Matthew Ferenc, Larissa Haliw, A. Max Juchheim, Caroline LaManna, Margo Monroe, Kendall Morgan, Jason Niehaus, Marcy Patrick, Lianna Swanson, Julian Taylor-Parker

We'd also like to thank our guest contributor: Gal Haimovich of greenfluorescentblog.org for helping us explain why things glow!

Addgene's Plasmids 101 eBook is here: Enjoy more time developing clever experiments and less time researching basic plasmid features – download the Addgene Plasmids 101 eBook!

Our goal was to create a one-stop reference guide for plasmids. We’ve combined our Plasmids 101 blog posts from the last year with some additional resources to create one downloadable PDF you can save to your desktop for easy reference. Highlights include our guide to fluorescent proteins, information about promoters and ORIs, and tips for naming your plasmids.  

The Plasmids 101 eBook is designed to educate plasmid lovers and scientists of all levels and serves as an introduction to plasmids, their major common elements, and some of their uses. We've also included helpful hints and tricks to keep in mind when utilizing these plasmid tools in your lab.

Click to download Addgene's Plasmids 101 eBook

We'll keep working hard to bring you more of the molecular biology and cloning resources you need to aid your bench work. Want us to cover a specific topic? Or have a question you'd like our team to answer? Let us know in the comments and we'll try to tackle it in an upcoming post.

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